Jay-Z has recalled meeting Amy Winehouse for the first time in New York.

The rapper spoke about the meeting in a new interview, during which he also discussed his beef with Prodigy, his mum coming out and daughter Blue Ivy’s cameo on ‘4:44’.

Speaking about the importance of mental health in the context of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s death, Jay-Z drew parallels to Winehouse’s own passing.

“She was telling us, she was writing the songs to our face,” he said. “‘They’re trying to make me go to rehab, I’m not going.’ Like, ‘What? You have to go!’”

He also revealed what he said to her when he met her at the Spotted Pig following a performance at Joe’s Pub. “I looked at her and I was like ‘Stay with us’,” he said. “The first time we hung out, I said ‘Stay with us’.”

The interview is the second part of a chat with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller. The first part was uploaded to Tidal last week and featured the Brooklyn rapper discussing his fights with Kanye West and Solange.

Of the latter, he said: “We’ve always had a great relationship. We’ve had one disagreement. Before and after, we’ve been cool.”

He added: “That’s my sister. Not my sister-in-law, no, my sister. Period.” Asked what he thinks when people say three great albums came out of that fight, he replied: “I think we went into that elevator great artists. That doesn’t surprise me.”