UK Reality Star Lauren Goodger Tries the KimK Look

I cannot tell if her boobs are supposed to look like they are wearing a ski mask, or if that hole in the center is just meant to serve as an extra pocket. Maybe the pocket is a drop box for all of the money and jewelry that she is robbing from people.

Lauren Goodger - Choice Urban

For real though, I think an extra boob pocket would garner a lot of support from the female community. They are always complaining about their pants never having enough room for pockets, and cleavage is just wasted space if they are not put to use. It’s like paying rent for an apartment you don’t live in. Obviously this would only be an option for women. If men tried stuffing things in their shirts then we would end up looking like boobicorns.

Lauren Goodger - Choice Urban

If we really cared to add to our already gratuitous pocket options then I am sure some alterations could be made to our crotches. This would be useful as an discreet storage place for valuables. If Laura Goodger tries to rob us with her cleavage again then we can have the real expensive items tucked away. It would also add some girth to an area that is in desperately in need of it. Well, definitely not in my case, but maybe for other people.


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